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STM32 Evaluation Kit

The Primer2 offers an innovative, ergonomic design similar to its predecessor's, with MEMS-based controls (navigate by tilting the tool left, right, backward or forward). In addition, based on the feedback of Primer users, we've packed Primer2 with an unprecedented range of new features to stimulate your creative ideas including:
  • STM32F103VE (512 Kbytes Flash)
  • Li-Ion battery with smart loading control for improved current management, battery autonomy (more than 6 hours), charging time and battery lifespan
  • MEMs accelerometer for for capture of the 3D-position information (implemented in navigation controls on the Primer)
  • Mini USB for embedded applications that communicate with an external USB host
  • New interface possibilities:
    • 128x160 pixel touch screen TFT display
    • Codec-based audio record and playback with headset connector and integrated microphone
    • 4-direction joystick and push button
    • 4 additional push buttons based on touchscreen capability
  • New evaluation features:
    • Micro SD card connector
    • IrDA transceiver
    • 20-pin add-on connector for access to SPI, I2C, USART, CAN and analog/digital I/Os

Complete Raisonance Tool Environment:

  • In-circuit debugging/programming via dedicated USB connection to the host PC
  • Complete software toolset for compiling debugging and programming applications, including:
    • Ride7 development software toolset with project manager, editor and high-level language debugging
    • GNU C compiler for ARM (no code size limitations) with seamless control from the Ride7 interface
    • CircleOS task scheduler for dynamic loading and management of new applications
    • C source code for all sample applications and libraries including (MEMs, TFT display, Audio record and playback...)

STM3210E-PRIMER Content:

  • STM3210E-Primer (=STM32-Primer2)
  • Raisonance software toolset
  • USB cable
  • Rechargeable battery


Other resources (user manual, schematics etc) available on after registering